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In simpler, gentler times, watchful neighbors and local police took care of each other -- home, family and community. Crime was something hardly ever mentioned in polite company. But in today's world, residential crime is a reality that can't be ignored. It makes sense to put up your best guard and protect your family and hard-earned possessions. Security experts will design the security system that meets your unique needs and, most-importantly, blends effortlessly into your lifestyle and home.

Standing as a quiet sentinel, glowing gently in the dark, a backlit designer NAPCO Keypad stands ready to protect you and your loved ones in any emergency . With extraordinary simplicity, your keypads act as command centers. They put all members of your household in fingertip control of NAPCO's most sophisticated, computerized security systems. Depending on your needs and budget, our security professionals can offer you the best combination of security -- from comprehensive burglary and fire detection to futuristic "smart" home automation.

All this; yet NAPCO Systems are, above all, designed for intuitive ease-of-use. If you can dial a phone, you can enter a passcode and control your "smart" security system. Some keypad styles even refer to the rooms or areas of your home, as well as system usage tips, in plain English: i.e. PAT'S WINDOW; JOE'S SAFE; READY; WRONG CODE; EXIT TIME 60 SECONDS; PLEASE LEAVE NOW.


Join the millions of satisfied customers around the world who have the peace-of-mind to enjoy life more, knowing that they're protected by the most user-friendly, reliable security system available -- NAPCO Security Systems.
For over three decades, NAPCO Security Systems has led the way in the design and manufacture of professionally-installed security products. While we do not sell directly to the consumer, NAPCO Systems are well-respected by countless-thousands of system installers who provide them to the public and well-liked by millions of protected residential and commercial customers just like you.

Your friendly system can also include such selectable amenities as a soft reminder-chime when your front door or pool gate is opened, or a temporary passcode that allows babysitters, delivery people or cleaning help to enter and automatically erases when you return home. And, should you ever need help in a police, fire, medical or any other emergency, you can send a panic response through your keypad and system. Your central station monitoring staff will instantly alert the proper authorities, and get the help you need.

Your security professional will arrange for your system to be monitored around-the-clock. This means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a team of seasoned alarm-monitoring professionals is keeping an eye on your NAPCO System to report a panic or alarm condition. NAPCO's super-advanced computerized security system communicates automatically and instantaneously with the state-of-the-art remote monitoring station.
Monitoring professionals monitor your system for panic reporting, directed from you at the keypad (or other panic devices), and for reports from your vigilant NAPCO System itself. When your system has been turned on or armed, the motion and smoke detectors work with your control panel to automatically alert the montoring station to the earliest hint of fire and the first sign of unexpected movement in your home. Rest assured, that after you've retired for the night, for example, the touch of a few keys on your keypad arms your system's powerful perimeter protective devices so you can enjoy the safest, most worry-free night's sleep ever! Some of our systems even have a special feature that allows the first person out of the house in the morning to simply press one or two keys and "pause" the system momentarily so that they can "Easily-Exit." Everyone else within the home remains safe, sound and well-protected.

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